Zscaler Offers Alternative to VPN Security

Zscaler, a provider of a security as a service platform, is unveiling a new service that enables organizations to provide access to internal applications and tools while ensuring the security of their networks.

The company says its Zscaler Private Access platform enables application access independent of network access by decoupling applications from the physical network to deliver granular, per-user access to apps and services running in the internal corporate network, in a data center, or in a public cloud like Amazon. There is no requirement for additional hardware or upgrades of existing hardware, according to the company.

“Zscaler Private Access extends Zscaler’s security capabilities across the entire spectrum of enterprise traffic, including all web traffic and all private application access, for all ports and protocols,” said Jay Chaudhry, CEO of Zscaler. “We’ve used our cloud security infrastructure to significantly advance the state-of-the-art in security and access to a company’s private applications.” 

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