Zumasys Acquires OpenQM

Zumasys is acquiring OpenQM, a self-tuning MultiValue database, from U.K.-based Ladybridge Systems.

OpenQM provides customers with a scalable MultiValue database solution that’s compatible with existing applications and other major MultiValue products.

“We have transitioned thousands of users to OpenQM and we could not be more impressed with the technology,” said Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys.

As the exclusive global distributor of OpenQM since 2015, Zumasys says it more than doubled worldwide sales of OpenQM for 3  consecutive years by adding 24x7 telephone support, professional services, and an automated conversion process which makes it easier for customers to migrate their existing applications to OpenQM.

According to Zumasys, OpenQM provides a simple, agile, low-cost option for customers who are looking to get started quickly and accelerate their development cycles.

Since the first release of the OpenQM product in 1993 as an in-house embedded database, its creator, Martin Phillips, has honed and refined the product to include a variety of modern features that help customers cut development time and enable the utilization of big data, virtualization, and cloud-based systems.

 “It is the right moment for Zumasys to take on ownership of OpenQM,” said Phillips. “We are excited by the opportunities that this brings for an increased development team to add further new features to this well-established product. Continuity will be ensured as I will continue to work on OpenQM as a Zumasys employee.”

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