Zumasys Acquires jBASE MultiValue Database

Zumasys, a provider of cloud computing solutions for business-critical software applications and ERP systems, has acquired the jBASE database technology from Temenos, a Geneva, Switzerland-based provider of banking software systems.

“jBASE was the industry’s first database-independent solution. Its more contemporary architecture allows Pick-based applications to natively interact with the underlying Windows or UNIX operating system, and store data in SQL Server, Oracle, and the cloud, which fits perfectly with our vision for the future,” noted Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys.

The acquisition of jBASE adds to the list of MultiValue software technologies that Zumasys has acquired in recent months, including AccuTerm, a Windows/Mobile connectivity solution for the Pick market; MultiValue Dashboard, which allows users to easily build web-based dashboards using  traditional Pick programming methods; and OpenQM, a MultiValue database developed by Ladybridge Systems, for which Zumasys has an exclusive worldwide distribution and domestic support/maintenance arrangement.

With its team of MultiValue applications developers and engineers, Zumasys says it is in a unique position to help Pick users, including D3, UniVerse, UniData, jBASE, and OpenQM customers, to enhance and modernize their Pick Applications.  

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