Zumasys Attracts Young Developers with jBase Platform

Zumasys is broadening use of the jBase platform with features to interest developers in MultiValue systems. Recently, the company attracted a new client that is using  jBase to develop a warehouse management system and allows a hands-on experience for young developers.

Opto is a manufacturer of modular, flexible retail store display fixtures that serves a variety of industries, from sporting goods and apparel, to gift centers, convenience, and anything in between.

The company decided that the best way to do a warehouse management system was to migrate its backend infrastructure to jBASE while writing a web-based front-end that would enable factory employees to be mobile and give them the ability to pull product on demand.

In about 90 days, the company had a new system built on jBASE, called the OptoCloud file system.

This system allows the company to attach documents of any type to any sort of business object, which jBASE can retrieve at any time for any user. The backend of the warehouse management system is strictly jBASE. We also developed a web-based front end using, which accesses the data through our business layer.

“To the end user, they are simply on our website, using an iPod, Chromebook or whatever device they have,” said Joshua Wyckoff, CEO of OPTO International.

jBase has also helped the company’s young development team, according to Wyckoff.

“Many of our developers are young and come from outside the MultiValue market. By moving from a character-based system to jBASE, the young developers we’ve been able to recruit can still use the tools that they were trained to use in school,” said Wyckoff.

 The vendor is able to train developers to understand its business logic and they can hit the ground running with development.

“Once we had all of our systems running in jBASE, we realized that the power of this system was actually leading us to make better business decisions,” Wyckoff said.

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