Zumasys Boosts AccuTerm 8

Zumasys is making several changes to AccuTerm 8 that will support enhanced MultiValue functions. Additionally, the company has revamped its licensing model for AccuTerm 8 to enable customers to purchase a single license key for the whole company.

AccuTerm 8 is adding support for Microsoft’s popular editor Visual Studio Code as an alternative to the wED Editor.

Zumasys is working with a community of developers from the MultiValue space to enhance the MV Basic language extension for VS Code and create a next generation development environment for MultiValue.

“We believe that VS Code is light-years ahead of what we could do with the wED Editor and with the continued enhancement of the MV Basic extension, we believe it will include all the features users love about wED and then some,” said Paul Giobbi, president, Zumasys.

In addition to integrating AccuTerm to VS Code, Zumasys published the AccuTerm Host Programs library to GitHub under a new open source repository.

This decision unlocks the ability to contribute to the core host program code, according to the company. This move signals one more step in the Zumasys path to embracing the power of open source and the MV community, according to Giobbi.

Programmers will also appreciate the new Programmer’s Mode in AccuTerm 8, which automatically adjusts the screen columns and rows to the window size, Giobbi said.

In the next couple of weeks, Zumasys will be publishing a new whitepaper titled “4 Ways to Ensure Your Pick System Survives,” covering four main topics:

  • Train New Developers on PICK
  • Teach Your Existing PICK Developers Today’s Web Programming Languages
  • Update Your Application Interface with RESTful Web Services
  • Modernize your legacy PICK application with the DevOps framework

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