Zumasys Boosts jBASE Platform with Latest Round of Updates

Zumasys is enhancing its jBASE platform with dynamic objects, dynamic files, and more to give users the flexibility to design applications around their business needs and not the capabilities of their database.

jBASE 5.7 introduces dynamic objects, which allows users to create objects on the fly and program in a language that looks and files like JavaScript.

Known as “JabbaScript”—jBASE 5.7 marries the language of MultiValue (BASIC) with a modern language similar to JavaScript, giving developers the best of both worlds.

One of the main benefits of dynamic objects is that it makes BASIC a true object-oriented language.

Another improvement is dynamic files. Dynamic files enhances performance and flexibility with automated file sizing. As the name implies, the new files are dynamic, built from the ground up to continually work optimally as updates are made.

Profiles eliminate the necessity of using environment variables to configure jBASE. jBASE profiles completely eliminate the use of environment variables to configure jBASE.

Profiles extend the jBASE configuration allowing new settings which have never been available before – including a new “zero-conf” mode that allows jBASE to run with zero external configuration. With jBASE 5.7, you can continue to use your traditional environment variables, the powerful new profiles, or a combination of the two for maximum flexibility and customization.

The update also boosts RESTful services, which allows users to bypass proprietary APIs and open the Pick application to any language environment, web service, or application.

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