Zumasys Celebrates jBASE’s 30th Anniversary

jBASE hit a milestone earlier this month as the platform celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Utilized by more than 300,000 users around the world, jBASE became part of the Zumasys portfolio in 2015 at which point the company began enhancing the product and investing heavily in research and development.

With its native architecture and new features such as Dynamic Objects, Dynamic Files, and RESTful services, jBASE has become the fastest-growing database for MultiValue applications.

In addition to this celebration, Zumasys is boosting its AccuTerm mobile platform.

This new release features a few bug fixes, and some new features:

  • Public key authentication for Secure Shell connections
  • Ability to import Secure Shell private key using iCloud Drive or Google Drive
  • Ability to import a session profile from a desktop AccuTerm .atcf file using iCloud Drive or Google Drive

Additionally, there is a new AccuTerm Mobile Enterprise version being reviewed by both Google and Apple app stores, which has the same features as AccuTerm Mobile but supports Enterprise Mobility Management / Mobile Device Management, deployment, and configuration functions.

The Enterprise version allows an organization to deploy and configure the app using their EMM/MDM solution. The app configuration can be completely locked down by EMM/MDM.

The Enterprise version is available only as a B2B app, not in the general app store.

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