Zumasys Debuts AI Assistant for Rover ERP and Rover Business Suite

Zumasys is introducing a new AI feature to its Rover ERP and Rover Business Suite (RBS), offering instant access to a specialized in-house expert, always ready to assist with a wide range of tasks.

Rover AI is the new innovative AI assistant for Rover ERP and RBS. It acts as a personal expert, available at a moment’s notice to answer questions, synthesize information, generate reports, and more.

Whether users are navigating through finance, managing inventory, or engaging in customer sales, Rover AI is there to provide suggestions and guidance.

Here are some examples of what it can do:

  • Tell the accounting team which customers are late on payments and send reminders for them.
  • Plan daily production or service schedules based on demand and resources, and then apply these plans to the software.
  • Suggest sales orders and if the sales team agrees, prepare, and send quotes to customers.
  • Analyze inventory and future needs to automatically create purchase orders for vendors, with approval from the purchasing team.

Further support and feedback from the MV community will help Zumasys improve the new assistant, according to the company.

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