Zumasys Launches jBASE 5.8, Further Modernizing the MV Space

Zumasys is releasing the latest version of jBASE, making it easier than ever to modernize MultiValue applications.

With the release of jBASE 5.8, licensing options now include flexible CPU and SaaS-based models, the migration routes from other PICK databases have been vastly simplified, and the in-line operating system approach means even more scalability, speed, and stability.

After being certified for Docker containers, the platform also includes built-in support for the MongoDB NoSQL database. 

Beyond that, this release expands Objects and added standard APIs for Salesforce, Avalara, and more.  With these features, PICK applications are future-proofed and more appealing to modern developers, according to the vendor.

In response to high demand from the marketplace, the update introduces a new option for CPU licensing and self-activation. This is ideal for larger jBASE users that are developing powerful next-generation applications and depend on phantoms/background workers/shared connectivity.

Another feature improvement in 5.8 is jBASE’s enhanced features for the development cycle. Now users can store compiled and catalog’ed programs in an easier-to-use format, one object per subroutine, each object with embedded meta-data.

This simplifies the development process and the meta-data provides enhanced maintainability.

“jBASE has enjoyed 6 consecutive years of revenue growth; customers have been liberated from the abuse of a Private Equity backed monopoly; and livelihoods and careers have been effect in a positive way,” said Paul Giobbi, president, Zumasys.

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