Zumasys Modernizes jBASE Platform

Zumasys is updating its jBASE platform, modernizing the platform for developers and improving a variety of well-known features.

“We bought jBASE a little more than 12 months ago, and we’ve done maintenance releases since then, but this is our first major release under our ownership, which is a big deal,” said Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys. “We’re adding some features that we view as essential and necessary.”

jBASE 5.5 will offer new improvements such as a system manager feature that allows users to provide any non-MultiValue team member access to critical data and system administration. The new release will also add new data protection features, and built-in visualization, monitoring, analysis, and alerting tools.  In addition, jBASE 5.5 also includes audit logging which allows users to create an audit trail of activity on chosen application files. The release also provides support for case-insensitive applications, simple installers, and integrated jRCS.

“The biggest feature we’ve added is something called the system manager which is essentially a very modern system health tool that does a couple of different things,” Giobbi said. “It tells you how the jBASE system is running, but it also gives you historical performance charting. It’s where you add licensing now; it integrates into your backups, and more.”

A future update for the platform, jBASE 6.0, will be tied to Zumasys’ cloud offerings, Giobbi explained.

“A big feature that customers are asking for is dynamic files and we’ll have that in jBASE 6.0,” Giobbi said. The message to the market, he said, is that “we’re serious about evolving jBASE and improving it. It’s a smaller player in the market compared to other flavors. Ultimately, we’re lower cost, we’ll have more features, and we generally have a more responsive approach.”

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