Zumasys Offers Tutorial on How to Supercharge MV Applications

In a continued effort to help the MultiValue community evolve their applications using free industry standard tools, Zumasys is sharing a 4-part hands-on video tutorial on the PICK MultiValue GitHub repository (a public, open source community for PICK BASIC and PICK BASIC-related projects).

In this Full Stack with PICK tutorial, users will learn how to supercharge both the front-end and back-end of an application.

Specifically, Zumasys will show PICK development using a modern front-end framework (Vue.js) and RESTful APIs written in PICK (available for D3, jBASE, OpenQM, Universe and Unidata with MVConnect).

As a bonus, the tutorial includes access to an instance of jBASE in a Docker container with a free evaluation license to allow users easy and convenient access to a local development environment.

These lessons are designed to appeal to developers of all types. The videos will provide greater understanding of how companies can run jBASE in Docker, build REST APIs in PICK, and build a front-end Vue.js application that can communicate with those APIs.

Technology components utilized include:

  • Docker, a popular and convenient way to run many different environments all from your local system (for development and even production purposes)
  • REST APIs, a universal framework for allowing systems to talk with one another
  • js, a popular modern application framework that marries the best of Angular (led by Google) with the best of React (maintained by Facebook)

Video Tutorials will include:

  1. How to set up demo data in jBASE
  2. How to set up REST API get end points
  3. How to set up a simple Vue environment
  4. How to display a database record with Vue

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