Zumasys Receives Positive Feedback from Launch of PICK Video Education Series

Zumasys is continuing to see interest in the MultiValue space as its latest endeavor, revealed in the spring, attracts young developers.

This past spring, Zumasys introduced a new open website for the PICK MultiValue industry that is designed to help companies train young developers.

The company has been collecting information from authors, discussion boards, and plain old instruction manuals to make as much of it public as possible.

This month, Zumasys created the third educational video in the series, "Pick Programming Basics.” The video gives the modern developer new to the Pick space a direct overview of what he/she might encounter when digging into Pick BASIC code.

The video can be found on the website at

Feedback from this video has been strong, according to Josh Camacho, senior software development manager, Zumasys Inc., and is gaining traction.

“We are receiving many compliments and comments about the video,” Camacho said.

The previous videos released cover a "MultiValue Overview" and an "Introduction to the Terminal Control Language (TCL)".

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