Zumasys and Phocas Software Collaborate to Provide Solution for the MV Market

Zumasys has made a distribution arrangement with Phocas Software, provider of a business intelligence solution for worldwide manufacturers, distributors, and retailers running ERP systems.

Phocas and Zumasys have partnered to bring a turnkey solution to the PICK MultiValue market. By combining Phocas with MVConnect RESTful APIs and with Zumasys’ data extraction, flattening, and mapping services, customers benefit from an enterprise analytics and visualization solution without the typical cost and complexity.

The solution works with any application running on D3, jBASE, OpenQM, Universe, or Unidata databases.

Phocas brings powerful visualization and analytics to an entire organization with its elegant and intuitive web interface. Among other things, Phocas allows users to:

  • Grow consistently, sell strategically, and identify key focus areas with actionable sales intelligence.
  • Spend less time building reports and managing spreadsheets with its flexible, easy-to-use tools.
  • Access live sales data, perform “gap” and risk analysis, and easily identify trends and new opportunities.

“While there have been a variety of reporting tools available for MultiValue over the years, Phocas revolutionizes how customers interact with the data buried in their PICK systems,” said Paul Giobbi, president of Zumasys. “Customers love Phocas and we are excited to enter into this exclusive arrangement and bring a comprehensive business intelligence solution to the MultiValue market.”

Phocas is developed using a HTML5+JavaScript presentation layer accessible via standard web browsers. Zumasys’ MVConnect software provides the API connectivity to PICK. The combined solution is deployed (on premise or in the cloud) via Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

“Phocas has a long history in the PICK MultiValue market,” said Rick Toepfer, senior vice president, global partnerships for Phocas. “Phocas is built for the everyday user, and our global partnership with Zumasys will give customers absolute flexibility to maximize their data and enable them to make better business decisions. Our partnership with Zumasys is all about giving the MultiValue community more options.” 

This agreement is exclusive to the PICK MultiValue market, allowing Zumasys to better serve the MultiValue community.

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