Zumasys to Offer jBASE training for Programmers

Zumasys is offering a five day training class for programmers to become acclimated with the jBASE platform from April 9-13.

Over the duration of the week, attendees will be educated on the differences of jBASE compared to other MultiValue platforms, and will explore the features of this powerful technology while being introduced to modern programming methodologies.

jBASE is a Database Management System comprising development tools, middleware and a multi-dimensional database.

jBASE takes the relational database model and adds to it several significant benefits including ease of use, superb performance, small footprint and rich MultiValue features, making it ideally suited to all business uses from the Internet to OLAP to transactional applications.

The sessions will be lead by Brian Leach, MultiValue Consultant from England and Dan Ell, jBASE Technical Engineer from Zumasys.

Leach is an independent MultiValue consultant and his goal is to see the usage of MultiValue platforms advance and educate the general public of its benefits over relational databases.

Ell is an Engineer for jBASE, with 30+ years of building and administering MultiValue systems and applications. He specializes in converting MultiValue systems from legacy platforms to jBASE. 

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