Zyte API Simplifies Web Data Extraction for Enterprises at Any Scale

Zyte, the provider of reliable web data extraction for business and enterprises, is unveiling Zyte API, the company’s latest web data extraction service imagined as a self-service API. By streamlining its web scraping technology, Zyte brings a simplistic yet powerful, “all-in-one” solution for web data extraction.

“Web data is used daily to solve real-world problems, including providing insights on everything from business challenges, economic indicators, the spread of diseases, and even combatting human trafficking,” said Shane Evans, CEO of Zyte. “We believe in the opportunity web data creates to enrich society, unlocking social and economic benefits. Zyte is committed to providing powerful tools that enable people and organizations, both large and small, to collect this valuable, publicly available data in the easiest, most reliable, cost-effective way.”

Though integral to valuable insights, extracting web data has been historically complex due to a disparity of tools and the processes of trial and error trying to find the appropriate solution for the job. Zyte rectifies this challenge with its consistent, reliable, and automated collection of data, eliminating time expenditures in configuration or anti-scraping workarounds.

Fueled by machine learning, the Zyte API automatically configures itself to extract data from any website, using the exact set of resources it needs, and no more—ultimately eliminating instances of cost expenditure through overpaying. Scraping stacks are built in a fraction of the time previously required; users can collect any publicly available data on the internet, at any scale. Automatic monitoring and a team of specialists continuously revising the API’s intelligence ensure that the service stays up to date with the evolving trends in web environments.

“Data scientists and professionals do not get into data to create endless configs across multiple tools that will ultimately break and need constant, specialized attention and supervision,” said Iain Lennon, chief product officer at Zyte. “Zyte API is a genuine breakthrough for these professionals as it counters virtually every anti-scraping method in current use, freeing these data engineers to focus on creating value from the data rather than herding algorithms and proxies. We have automated the tedious, repeatable tasks so that our users can focus on collecting the data and putting it to use.”

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