Zyter Supports Remote Learning with IoT Platform

Zyter, a digital health and IoT-enablement platform, is launching Zyter Smart Universities, an Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform designed specifically for school campuses.

“Zyter Smart Universities is the intelligent link that connects students, faculty and administrators to relevant data,” said Sanjay Govil, founder and CEO of Zyter, Inc. “While students can enjoy a more meaningful campus experience, administrators have a secure, customizable platform on which to integrate and manage all smart digital technologies across their campus.”

Zyter Smart Universities transforms student life both on and off campus through smart classroom-based teaching, enhanced communication and collaboration via secure remote learning, as well as wayfinding, navigation, and other personalized engagement options, all using familiar mobile devices.

The platform also provides campus administrators with complete visibility of what is happening across an entire network of connected devices and sensors deployed around campus, supported by advanced analytics.

Zyter’s IoT platform enables the launch of new capabilities that enhance daily life on and off campus in three key areas:

  • Smart University and Connected Campus – Zyter Smart Universities helps higher education providers create a connected campus experience with embedded smart technologies and sensors for facilities and utility management, surveillance and security with video analytics, campus navigation, on-campus transportation, smart parking, and more. As a result, campus administrators can maximize resource utilization, minimize waste, and lower operational and labor costs.
  • Seamless Student Experience Management – Zyter Smart Universities connects students and faculty for a more meaningful and productive campus experience. It enables interactive smart whiteboard-based teaching, personal and real-time engagement with students on mobile devices through smart campus navigation, secure file transfer, and private group/broadcast messaging, as well as classroom chat.
  • Distance Learning and Online Collaboration – Online collaboration capabilities provide students with unlimited access to educational resources in a seamless digital experience, especially valuable during the Coronavirus pandemic. As Smart Universities is one of the most secure remote learning platforms for continuing education, it can be used by higher education providers to attract a larger pool of remote students and boost enrollment.

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