appCD Brings Auto-Generated, Secure IaC to AWS Lambda Deployments

appCD, the leading provider of generative Infrastructure from Code, is announcing that its generative Infrastructure from Code solution now supports AWS Lambda, effectively alleviating the pains of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) from developers and allowing them to focus on the development tasks that matter most. AWS Lambda developers now benefit from appCD’s auto-generated IaC files—which are derived directly from application source code—easing the development process while integrating compliance and industry best practices from the very start.

As developers work on capturing the business logic of their application within their code, they are eventually confronted with the need to write IaC—an area that they may not be familiar with. Not only that, writing IaC with the necessary nuance of adhering to compliance standards and best practices creates a variety of dependencies that slow the development process, according to Asif Awan, co-founder and CPO of appCD.

appCD aims to aid developers by converting the application’s source code into the required IaC files, which—from its inception—incorporate cloud best practices, security, and compliance requirements. appCD also supports custom policies with its sophisticated policy engine, ensuring that the generated IaC files meet the exact needs of a particular industry or class of application.

By liberating developers from the daunting task of manually writing infrastructure code and ensuring that best practices and regulation requirements are met, they can focus on the aspects of app development that matter most to their workflows, according to appCD.

“With appCD, the developer can just focus on writing their application code [and] not have to worry about infrastructure. Within a matter of seconds, we can generate that entire IaC for the developer… [and they] can start testing the app in no time,” explained Awan. “From a decision-maker, executive C-suite perspective, [they can be assured] that the best cloud design practices—as well as security policies and compliance and government policies—are always applied proactively, not reactively.”

As a natural extension into the AWS universe, appCD’s latest support for AWS Lambda brings another compute paradigm to developers deploying event-driven applications with Lambda. Many developers turn to AWS Lambda for its deployment efficiency for event-driven applications, yet certain tasks—such as configuring and provisioning resources, managing authentication, defining event sources, and ensuring overall security—remain a challenge.

appCD’s automatic IaC generation closes this gap in efficiency, mitigating the various deployment delays, knowledge gaps, and policy uncertainties surfaced by manual infrastructure coding. This is true even for legacy applications, where, with appCD, “you can auto-generate the Infrastructure as Code files directly from the application source code. And when I say directly from the application source code, it means you could pick up source code that may be 10 years old, and you could use appCD as is without having to go ahead and make any changes to your original application source code.”

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