comforte AG Provides Data Protection Solution to Strengthen Security and Compliance

comforte AG is offering a new Secure Data Analytics solution designed to empower organizations to leverage cloud-based analytics tools without compromising security or compliance.

Comforte’s new Secure Data Analytics solution helps organizations to optimize their use of cloud-based analytics in a fully secure and compliant fashion.

It does this by:

  • Continuously and automatically discovering and classifying all sensitive information (e.g., PII, PHI)
  • Protecting this data in a way that can be used by authorized users in analytics tools (e.g., format-preserving encryption)
  • Protecting data before it enters the cloud and keeping it protected throughout its lifecycle to ensure compliance
  • Enabling a more automated approach to data protection which reduces manual toil and costs and simplifies data and security management

“Leading global organizations, including some of our largest customers, are migrating more and more of their data ecosystems to hybrid and multi-clouds. But doing so increases complexity and the risk of non-compliance with rigorous data protection laws,” said comforte CTO Henning Horst. “To unlock insight and optimize the value of their data to drive innovation-fuelled growth, these enterprises must empower their data analytics teams with streamlined solutions which preserve data utility without incurring extra security or compliance risk.”

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