Newsletters Reveals Data Collaboration Platform is releasing its data collaboration platform for the enterprise, aiming to break down the barriers separating people, data, and business.

The platform is launching with integrations with leading enterprise data solutions including Tableau, Microsoft Excel and Power BI, IBM SPSS, MicroStrategy, Google Data Studio, and others.

It also features integrations with leading data tools, from R and Python to IFTTT, CKAN, and more.

Now teams can gather, understand, and apply data-driven insights everywhere in the enterprise. Everyone, from the C-suite exec to the business manager to the deep-in-the-weeds data scientist, gets the right information to do their jobs even better.

“Data has been very hard to find whether it’s inside or outside the company and once you find it you don’t have a lot of information about that data,” said Brett Hurt, CEO. “That’s why integrations have been so important for us so you can work with the tools you’re used to. All of that leads to greater productivity.”

The platform was designed specifically for the unique challenges of data teamwork. Every aspect of the enterprise product has been informed by hundreds of user interviews, ongoing input from the large and rapidly growing community, constant testing and iteration, and guidance from data experts with diverse backgrounds and deep domain knowledge.

With, teams can now streamline toolchains and workflows to securely collaborate on data projects—without lengthy deployments, steep learning curves, and big investments.

DBA, analyst, and BI managers will benefit the most from this platform, according to Hurt.

“Where we haven’t seen a lot of investment is: How do you bridge the gap between the people who stand up the infrastructure and the people that do the analysis and the stakeholders that need to interpret that analysis,” Hurt said. “That’s the gap fills.” is a centralized data discovery, collaboration, and distribution hub for everyone in the enterprise. Teams come together to work with both proprietary data and open data in a connected, secure, and accessible way. When more stakeholders can find, use, and understand the data and context they need, businesses can tap into more collective brainpower to achieve anything with data, faster.

The company is working on future updates that include linking data, data analysis, and more.

“We’re constantly getting input from people using the platform and seeing where they’re struggling gives us an advantage,” Hurt said.

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