dbt Labs’ Newest Technology Partner Program Bridges the Gap Between Partners and dbt User Base

dbt Labs is debuting its dbt Labs Technology Partner Program, offering its users extended dbt capabilities and partners closer proximity to its users and their needs. The launch also provides direction from dbt regarding cloud integration, further assisting data teams with the ever-increasing transition towards cloud data platforms.

“Investing in the dbt Community and its technology ecosystem has always been a high priority for us,” said Nikhil Kothari, head of technology partnerships at dbt Labs. “As we build on a foundation of strong partnerships and look toward the future, formalizing this program was a logical next step. We’re excited to continue working with our partners to provide users with powerful, integrated solutions.”

dbt is invested in aiding analytics engineers convert data and deploy analytics code within the cloud itself. The partners involved in dbt Labs Technology Partner Program consist of organizations such as Airbyte, Monte Carlo, and ThoughtSpot, whose products that support SQL query processing will also have access to the Adapter Verification Program. This associated program will be able to assign a Verified tag towards partners that through participation, can assure customers of their legitimacy and dedication to user experience.

“Monte Carlo works hand-in-hand with dbt to bring improved data reliability to joint users, solving an important pain point: data downtime,” said Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder at Monte Carlo. “Partnering with dbt Labs allows analytics engineering teams to deliver more trustworthy data products by pairing end-to-end data observability with robust testing.”

Among dbt Labs’ recent release of the Technology Partner Program, the company has a variety of other innovations, such as dbt cloud availability on Databricks Partner Connect, Snowflake Partner Connect, and AWS Marketplace, as well as the introduction of the dbt Cloud Metadata API.

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