dotData and Teradata Collaborate to Enable Organizations to Derive More Value from AI

dotData, a provider of full-cycle data science automation and operationalization for the enterprise, is partnering with Teradata, a cloud data and analytics company, allowing dotData to leverage Teradata’s Vantage platform with dotData's autoML 2.0 platform.

The collaboration will streamline and simplify the movement of data between Teradata and dotData to help the companies' joint customers derive more value from their AI and machine learning initiatives.

Vantage is Teradata's flagship platform that was designed to simplify analytic ecosystems by unifying analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses.

Regardless of the required scale or the location of the data, organizations receive a unified, integrated view of the business.

dotData provides AutoML 2.0 solutions that help accelerate the process of developing AI and Machine Learning models for use in advanced predictive analytics BI dashboards and applications.

dotData makes it easy for BI developers and data engineers to develop AI/ML models in just days by automating the full life-cycle of the data science process, from business raw data through feature engineering to implementation of ML in production utilizing its proprietary AI technologies.

dotData's AI-powered feature engineering automatically applies data transformation, cleansing, normalization, aggregation, and combination, and transforms hundreds of tables with complex relationships and billions of rows into a single feature table, automating the most manual data science projects that are fundamental to developing predictive analytics solutions.

"The integration of the Teradata and dotData platforms enables our joint customers to leverage the benefits of Teradata's proven, enterprise-class data solutions with dotData's autoML 2.0 platform to derive even greater value from their AI and ML models," said Ryohei Fujimaki, Ph.D., CEO and founder of dotData. "We are proud to collaborate with Teradata to help MS&AD transform the insurance business with our data science automation."

dotData democratizes data science by enabling BI developers and data engineers to make enterprise data science scalable and sustainable.

dotData is also designed to operationalize AI/ML models by producing both feature and ML scoring pipelines in production, which IT teams can then immediately integrate with business workflows.

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