dynaTrace Extends Continuous APM System to Business Transaction Management

dynaTrace software, a provider of application performance management (APM) software, has extended its Continuous APM system to business transaction management (BTM), enabling companies to manage every transaction from a business context from a single system, while also providing IT with actionable data.

dynaTrace BTM provides end-to-end transaction tracing across heterogeneous tiers flowing through an application - with coverage extended to Web and legacy tiers - grouped into business transactions by end-user or transaction type. The solution also provides code-level visibility into transactions to help unlock business data from within applications, as well as technical detail required for rapid issue resolution. The product supports BTM in production and across the application lifecycle to enable more proactive optimization of key business transactions, and prevent problems from reaching production. DynaTrace BTM is also self-adaptive to dynamic environments, which helps make it easier to configure, deploy and manage even in highly complex SOA, virtualized and cloud environments, the vendor says.

"Now, with a single system, business users, production operations and application development get what they need to proactively visualize, optimize and manage their most important applications and the key transactions that drive value for their customers," notes Bernd Greifeneder, CTO of dynaTrace.

The new release extends dynaTrace's Continuous APM system with "Legacy-Tier Agents" that extend dynaTrace's PurePath technology into C/C++, Cobol, and other custom applications. The solution also incorporates "Web-Tier Agents" that extend PurePaths into Apache and IIS Web servers, the vendor adds. DynaTrace BTM also includes new "Deployment FastPacks" for IBM WebSphere MQ and Amazon EC2 Cloud monitoring.

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