dynaTrace Launches Community Portal with Training Resources, Java Plug-ins

dynaTrace software, a provider of continuous application performance management for Java and .NET applications, announced the launch of a portal and community-based site for the posting and exchange of performance management information. The dynaTrace Community Portal will provide updates, best practices, product tips and techniques, training materials and re-useable software modules for dynaTrace users.

The community portal is intended to provide customers access to the information and software regarding dynaTrace's line of application performance management solutions. "What our customers say they like most about the community portal is the flexibility it gives them to accelerate continuous application performance across the lifecycle," Andreas Grabner, senior architect with dynaTrace, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

The dynaTrace Community Portal offers various resources to help members move to the next level of application performance, including documentation and best practices from a single location that offers dynaTrace knowledge, as well as a collaborative system for customers to share their experiences, tips and techniques. The portal also includes a knowledge base intended to help customers find information and solutions related to dynaTrace, performance, and advanced application technologies. The portal also features technology samples and tutorials, and online and on-site training for advanced dynaTrace use.

Another feature offered through the portal is OSGi/open source-based plug-ins, enabling community members can extend dynaTrace to fully leverage existing investments across the application lifecycle. "Re-usable software modules and open source OSGi-based plug-ins for technologies like Tivoli provide flexibility," Grabner says. "What we've done to capture what the community has created thus far and the ways we've worked to make contributions easier. For example, with an Eclipse-based rapid plug-in development environment, we help them optimize performance faster."

dynaTrace 3 introduced the industry's only OSGi/open source-based plug-in management and deployment infrastructure that allows customers to extend dynaTrace with their own or 3rd-party developed software plug-ins. The Community Portal will be where customers can download and exchange plug-ins.

To seed the community, dynaTrace also says it has contributed open source, pre-built, pre-tested plug-ins for technology from commercial and open source providers, including load testing and EMS plug-ins that provide automated integration into customers existing application development and management environments.

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