dynaTrace Ships New Application Performance Management Solution for Java and .NET

dynaTrace software, a provider of application lifecycle performance management software for Java and .NET applications, announced the latest release of its software for monitoring, diagnosis, and prevention of performance issues, from development, to testing and production. dynaTrace 3 introduces a broad range of new features designed to address the new technical requirements of managing application performance for large, globally deployed SOA, Java and .NET applications. dynaTrace is also introducing three new integrated product editions, built on a common platform, designed to meet the unique needs of the different stakeholders in the application lifecycle.

Demands for greater IT service quality are changing the application performance management landscape. As a result, application performance management solutions are increasingly addressing lifecycle approaches, from pre-production tuning to deployment to production monitoring.

dynaTrace's value proposition is to help reduce the expenses associated with Java and .NET diagnostics, Eric Senunas, senior marketing director for dynaTrace, tells 5 Minute Briefing. With global transaction tracing with deep diagnostics for Java and .NET applications, developers, testing professionals, and production operators can trace business transactions across geographically distributed applications to find and prevent performance issues before they happen "We offer true global transaction trace and capture with our patent-pending PurePath technology," he says.

Senunas sees a role for dynaTrace within emerging SOA environments as well. "Decoupled services add complexity and distribution issues," he says. "We enable the detection of remote access problems." In addition, with an application dependency-mapping feature, "we take the guesswork out of service registry mismatches."

As companies continue to develop and deploy more sophisticated enterprise SOA, Java and .NET applications across the globe, the requirements for APM solutions have significantly expanded. dynaTrace 3 is designed to meet the new demands of performance management across the full application lifecycle.

Additional features include 24x7 performance management, as dynaTrace scales across large server clusters and virtualized environments and meets the growing demands of changing production environments. The solution includes integration into popular build systems and automated problem documentation; and it also incorporates a new OSGi/open source based plug-in model, combined with SOAP and JMX management interfaces.

dynaTrace 3 consists of three editions, each tailored to the needs of development, test and production. The Development Edition provides development teams with visibility into the dynamic behavior of distributed software architectures for analysis and tuning during development. The Test Center Edition integrates dynaTrace with major commercial and open source load testing solutions such as LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, Visual Studio Team System and JMeter to eliminate manual problem reproduction and to rapidly diagnose Java/.NET issues with code level performance diagnostics.

The Production Edition provides production teams an advanced application performance management solution including 24x7 business transaction management, always on global code-level transaction tracing with deep-dive diagnostics, and application discovery and dependency mapping while enabling remote developers to rapidly diagnose and resolve issues. The Test Center Edition is available now. The Development and Production Editions will be available in by mid-March, says Senunas.

For more information, visit the dynaTrace website.