eCube Systems Releases NXTera High Performance RPC Middleware for Ingres

eCube Systems, a leading provider of tools and middleware products for enterprise systems, has announced that its NXTera High Performance RPC Middleware product now supports Ingres Database 9.2, a leading open source database that helps organizations develop and manage business critical applications at an affordable cost. Whether in grid, cloud or demanding computational and transactional environments, NXTera provides the performance required for high-speed distributed computing, according to the vendor. NXTera is employed to link independent application logic running on multiple computing platforms over high speed networks, while enabling interaction with reliable and fast transactional databases.

Ingres Database 9.2 has an architecture that allows high-speed queries to run in parallel and is a good match for NXTera High Performance RPC Middleware, eCube states. Ingres Database 9.2 has built-in scalability that allows the database's capacity to grow with demand, and its highly available architecture ensures data availability-even during failures. NXTera's support for Ingres makes it easier for open source developers and enterprises committed to high-speed computing to engineer fast multi-tiered applications based on Ingres Database 9.2

NXTera is next-generation multi-threaded RPC middleware based on the Entera middleware product. Both are widely used in Fortune 500 companies-in many cases with Ingres database software. Peter Marquez, vice president of sales and marketing at eCube Systems, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "NXTera is a lightweight RPC protocol that moves binary data at high speeds between applications and databases. With NXTera support for Inges 9.2, companies now have a way to do high speed reads, writes, and lookups with new applications running on Ingres databases, and have a path to modernize their RPCs for legacy applications that also run on Ingres."

NXTera enables developers to quickly develop new applications with Ingres on 64-bit Linux and Solaris OS-based systems. Additionally, NXTera delivers Eclipse-based development of high performance RPC-based applications and integration with other contemporary architectures, such as J2EE and web services.

For more information about eCube Systems and NXTera, go here.