erwin Buys Metadata Management and Data Governance Vendor AnalytiX DS

erwin, Inc. has acquired metadata management and data governance provider AnalytiX DS (ADS), enhancing erwin’s EDGE Data Governance Platform with metadata connectors and automated code generation, data mapping, and cataloging tools. According to erwin, the purchase allows it to own every critical piece of the data management and data governance lifecycle to enable every stakeholder – from data scientists, enterprise architects and business analysts to the C-suite – to accelerate the transformation of data into accurate and actionable business insights.

Given erwin’s history and expertise with a significant global user base, the company is uniquely positioned to help organizations transform their data management and governance initiatives with an automated, high-quality data pipeline for faster time-to-value than any competitor in the market, said Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin.

Large enterprises use thousands of unharvested, undocumented databases, applications, ETL processes and procedural code that make it difficult to gather business intelligence, conduct IT audits and ensure regulatory compliance. Cataloging and documenting operational systems, processes and the associated data at rest and in motion has been a time-consuming, manual effort that introduces errors and data quality issues without providing the necessary real-time intelligence, according to erwin.

“Organizations need to know what data they have and where it’s located, plus understand what it means in common, standardized terms so it can be transformed into useful information they can act on – all while controlling its access,” says Famularo. “Unlike any other player in today’s data governance market, the combination of erwin and ADS delivers a single, integrated solution that simplifies the total enterprise data management and governance lifecycle, including facilitating collaboration between both IT and business users.”

The ADS acquisition enhances the persona-based erwin EDGE data governance platform with automated metadata harvesting and cataloging from more than 80 data sources, including big data, BI reports, modeling tools, relational data, and data from many other types of business and IT systems; intelligent data discovery, including automated tagging and governance of sensitive data; and mapping of source-to-target systems to show lineage and transformation of data across the enterprise  

Additional new features include automatic integration and visualization of mappings between data models; auto documentation and reverse-engineering of existing ETL processes and code; and automated code generation for data integration and data movement initiatives.

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