erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 13.0 Introduces Enhanced Marketplace for High-Value Data Access

Quest Software, a global systems management, data protection, and security provider, is announcing the launch of erwin Data Intelligence by Quest 13.0 which introduces a centralized marketplace armed with robust search and data discovery functions that drive efficient connection between users and high-value data.

High-value data is necessary to maintain a competitive edge, especially within the realm of AI development. This sort of data serves as the basis for strong, effective AI models, though acquiring this asset is historically easier said than done, according to the company.

With the erwin Data Intelligence Marketplace, personas ranging from data users, stewards, and owners can discover, comprehend, compare, collaborate on, and shop for trustworthy data and AI models within a central location.

The marketplace is user-friendly, secure, and offers data stewards and owners increased control over the curation, governance, and publication of data assets, according to the vendor. erwin Data Intelligence Marketplace is driving accessibility to high-value datasets while further offering accurate context surrounding that data for optimized usage.

“More urgently now than ever, companies must be able to rely on their data to make sound business decisions," said Heath Thompson, president and general manager at Quest Software. “We need to raise the accessibility of high-value data and AI models and make them more usable and understandable. Organizations with high quality data at their fingertips, available now with erwin Data Marketplace, will now have the competitive edge.”

The erwin Data Intelligence Marketplace provides a variety of search and discovery tools—including automated data scoring, mind maps, data lineage, expanded data tagging, keyword search recommendations, community rating and review, and integrated business context and governance guidance—to streamline data access and implementation.

Additionally, the marketplace supplies out-of-the-box task and workflow functions that simplify data access requests and approvals, as well as a full audit trail of governance actions to make any enterprise audit-ready.

“High-quality, trusted data is critical to every organization’s success, but it provides little to no value if business users cannot find, access, and/or understand it. Eager to deploy data and AI models quickly, organizations are looking for consumer-friendly data accessibility, context, and governance capabilities, while at the same time supporting growth of a data-first culture,” said Steward Bond, research director for data integration and data intelligence software at IDC. “erwin Data Marketplace can provide all data users the self-service tools to shop for and understand the enterprise data and AI models that can help them make a big impact toward becoming a data-driven business and culture.”

While erwin Data Intelligence 13.0’s release highly emphasizes the new marketplace, this iteration also introduces a new erwin Smart Data Connector for the Databricks Unity Catalog, enabling metadata- and data lineage-defined data to be ingested from Databricks Lakehouse infrastructures.

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