erwin Expands Data Governance with Rome-Based A&P Consulting Acquisition

erwin, Inc. has announced its evolution to “the data governance company,” based on its expertise and the centering of its technology platform around data governance.

As part of this focus, the company has acquired A&P Consulting, a technology and consulting services firm based in Rome, Italy. A&P provides erwin with technology for harvesting operational data—now called “erwin Collector”—and a suite of corporate and data governance consulting services.

“For more than 30 years, erwin Data Modeler (DM) has been the first choice of CDOs, CIOs, data architects and other IT professionals. During the past 20 months, we have steadily and strategically transformed our anchor data modeling technology into the ultimate data governance platform,” said Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin, which was spun out as an independent company nearly 2 years ago. “With three acquisitions and significant investment in R&D, we’ve integrated our data governance, enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling capabilities to deliver the erwin EDGE, a platform delivering on the promise of Data Governance 2.0.”

The erwin EDGE platform aims to provide an “enterprise data governance experience” for data-driven insights, agile innovation, regulatory compliance and business transformation. It delivers on the Data Governance 2.0 imperative by enabling organizations to discover, understand, govern and socialize their data assets—regardless of format or location—for greater visibility, control and value across the enterprise. It serves as the foundation for using data not only to mitigate risk in terms of data exposures but also to accomplish other organizational objectives, including boosting topline revenue.

With the addition of erwin Collector through this latest acquisition, erwin says it now provides automated harvesting and transformation of operational data from a variety of enterprise systems, including ServiceNow, RSA Archer and any source with a RESTful API. erwin Collector aggregates data from these systems and delivers it in a variety of formats to the erwin DG solution for integration into the data dictionary. By automating complex data aggregation, in both real time or via scheduled updates, erwin Collector ensures that erwin DG is robust, relevant and up-to-date.

The erwin EDGE platform provides support for heterogeneous data, enabling relational, unstructured, on-premise and cloud-based data assets to be coupled with well-documented business rules to ensure standards are followed; collaboration and organizational tools so both business and IT users have consistent, persona-based views of data relevant to their roles; an integrated ecosystem and visibility across domains; and support for regulatory compliance with government regulations, such as GDPR, HIPPA, and FINRA, and cybersecurity measures.

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