erwin Launches Cloud Application for Remote Workforce Management and Regulatory Compliance

erwin has introduced WFH (Work From Home) Impact Manager, a cloud-based application to provide organizations with a single source of intelligence regarding remote workers’ locations, communication preferences, and the processes, systems, and technologies to support them in being productive and compliant as they work from home in response to COVID-19.

erwin provides enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to help customers discover, understand, govern, and socialize their data to mitigate risks.

According to the company, the pandemic has forced organizations around the world to reconsider their business models, particularly the need to quickly ramp up and support remote workforces.

“Businesses are doing their best to manage this crisis with what they have, but spreadsheets, Word documents, and Visio drawings shared through email are inadequate because they aren’t centralized, audit-ready or collaborative,” said Adam Famularo, erwin’s CEO. “In highly regulated environments, such as financial services, healthcare and pharma, attestations, audit trails and compliance reporting are required regardless of circumstances and will be difficult with a manual, laborious approach.”

erwin WFH Impact Manager, based on the company’s Enterprise Collaboration SaaS platform launching later this year for integrated insights across the entire erwin product portfolio, will be offered free of charge for 180 days. T

erwin WFH Impact Manager is delivered via a multi-tenant SaaS environment using an organization’s own domain name. It comes with an out-of-the-box template with five business personas: inside sales rep, sales manager, HR manager, IT manager, and compliance manager. These personas are customizable by the user, and fast starts can be fueled by direct import of Excel- or CSV-formatted data from an HRIS system.

erwin also has produced a range of tools to help companies start benefiting from WFH Impact Manager quickly, including videos, built-in tutorials, and threaded discussions on a dedicated user community.

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