erwin Unveils New Persona-Based Data Governance Solution

erwin, Inc. has introduced erwin DG, a SaaS solution that expands data governance beyond IT, to enable all organizational stakeholders to discover, understand, govern, and socialize data to mitigate risk, improve organizational performance and accelerate growth. The solution is aimed at helping to mitigate a wide range of risks, from GDPR to cybersecurity, in order to protect customer trust and prevent reputational damage.

According to Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin, Data Governance 1.0 has failed because it's been treated as a siloed IT program instead of an enterprise initiative with strategic value. Instead, he says, what is required is a persona-based approach with everyone – from executives on down – invested in and accountable for data use.

“When data becomes everyone's business, you create an enterprise data governance experience that makes it possible to mitigate risks while maximizing data's upsides for peak business performance,” he noted.

erwin DG integrates with erwin's other data management solutions, and together, they provide erwin DG’s Data Impact Analysis capability, which helps stakeholders to identify all places where specific data resides to determine how changes will impact people, processes, and systems before they are implemented. 

erwin DG also features an integrated business glossary, data dictionary, and data catalog, as well as lineage mapping and policy authoring. In addition, the software provides the ability for relational, unstructured, on-premise, and cloud-based data assets to be coupled with well-documented business rules to ensure standards are followed.

Supporting collaboration and organizational empowerment, erwin DG enables business and IT stakeholders to have consistent, role-based views of the data relevant to their roles to build trust, ensure alignment and enhance decision making. And because the systems that manage and protect data are unified by a common metadata repository, there is consistent exchange, understanding and processing. Silos between the business and IT are broken down with a common data vocabulary, so changes to systems, processes and people can be measured quickly to produce the desired organizational outcomes.

For more information, visit  the erwin website.