erwin and Snowflake Partner to Enhance Cloud Migration and Data Governance

erwin, a data governance software company, and Snowflake, provider of a cloud data platform, are partnering to help enterprises accelerate cloud migration and ensure proper data governance for their projects. The partnership involves a new native integration with erwin Data Modeler (erwin DM) to automate the design, analysis and deployment of Snowflake, as well as an erwin Data Connector for automatically extracting Snowflake metadata for ingestion into the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI).

“Snowflake customers want to quickly and safely move the data from their legacy systems to our cloud data platform while ensuring the quality and overall governance of that data,” said Kent Graziano, chief technical evangelist at Snowflake. “erwin enables faster and easier cloud migrations into Snowflake, by providing complete data lineage with documentation through automated, repeatable processes. The new partnership with erwin will help our joint customers reduce their time-to-value through increased data visibility, quality and control, and reducing risks and maintenance costs.”

The native erwin DM integration lets customers automate the creation of Snowflake-specific data models; forward-engineer or generate code for Snowflake database schema; reverse-engineer existing Snowflake schema into erwin models; and compare, analyze and synchronize Snowflake models with the databases they represent.

The erwin Data Connector for Snowflake scans and ingests metadata from Snowflake platforms into erwin DI, enabling data mapping to and from Snowflake databases to generate data movement code, lineage and impact analysis. And because erwin DM and erwin DI are integrated, there’s a complete picture of physical, semantic and business metadata in every Snowflake instance, and the creation and association of terms within the business glossary can be accelerated. 

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