expressor Announces Semantic Data Integration System, Support for Netezza

expressor software, a provider of data integration solutions, announced version 2.3 of the expressor semantic data integration system.

expressor 2.3 features enhanced low-latency data processing performance and strengthened support for Netezza. The new release includes new data windowing functionality that provides developers with fine-grained, real-time data control. expressor now also includes several connectivity enhancements, including support for Netezza NPS 5.0 and bi-directional connectivity with Netezza via ODBC.

expressor is designed for a range of user types, Michael Waclawiczek, vice president of marketing for expressor software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "All expressor tools are role-based, targeted for the specific tasks typically performed by data architects, data analysts, ETL developers, and project managers," he says. "expressor bridges the divide between business and technical users with smart semantics - which correlates the complex and confusing data names from multiple sources to a set of common business terms - and enables business users and developers to share a vocabulary that eliminates any confusion between data specifications and the resulting rules. These abstracted business terms are also data type-independent, meaning developers need to create far fewer rules and check source/target physical definitions for clarification much less often."

expressor 2.3 optimizes the expressor parallel data processing engine for low-latency applications. Combined with Netezza's high-performance data warehousing appliance, the expressor semantic data integration system offers what the vendor calls an "intelligent load & go" solution that removes the cost barrier to high-performance ETL and ELT (Extract-Transform-Load and Extract-Load-Transform).

expressor supports sites with traditional data warehouses as well as appliances, Waclawiczek says. "We support traditional data warehouses with an affordable, high-performance ETL solution that offers enterprise-class capabilities at a mid-market price point. We are also partnering with Netezza and Teradata to remove the cost barrier to high-performance ETL and ELT."

expressor also supports deployments in standard non data warehouse environments that are seeking better enterprise data integration, Waclawiczek adds. "Pure data integration tends to be project-based, most often for data migration required when companies move or consolidate applications. expressor's affordable term licensing options - for as short as six months and as little as $5,000 - are designed precisely for these types of ad-hoc, fixed-length initiatives," he explains. "The ability to process complex data types is becoming a key requirement for data integration, as more and more projects involve non-traditional data sources. Unlike many current tools, which have been optimized for relational database data types and structures, expressor was designed from the ground-up to handle a wide range of complex data formats including XML and other semi-structured data."

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