expressor software Launches Product Initiative to Jumpstart the Development of Teradata-Based Solutions

expressor software, a provider of data integration software, has launched a product initiative aimed at simplifying the development of expressor and Teradata Express analytical database applications based on a diverse set of operational data sources. 

Teradata Express is a free developer version of the Teradata Database that runs on Windows, Linux, and Amazon EC2.  expressor Desktop Edition is a freely downloadable Windows desktop ETL tool that allows users to extract, transform, and load data into Teradata Express on any hardware platform. The combination of these two developer tools provides a data integration and database development platform for data warehousing and other analytical BI applications.

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding a way to get data loaded into their database in order to begin using it for analysis and development without using traditional ETL solutions which can be very costly, Hugo Sheng, director, field engineering, expressor, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

Sheng cites one customer that was using Teradata Express throughout their development organization and while they were achieving productivity gains with Teradata Express, the one source of pain they were experiencing is that before they could leverage the data within Teradata they had to get the data in there. While the company had an existing ETL solution in-house, it was too expensive to fire up licenses of the tool just to load data into a free database for development purposes. "That is the genesis of why we hatched this initiative," says Sheng. "We want to offer developers a fast, simple, easy and highly affordable approach to getting data into Teradata."

"We have a longstanding partnership with Teradata and this has been discussed with them for some period of time and so we took the initiative on our end to create this micro site dedicated to helping joint developers - Teradata Express and expressor developers - building these database applications,"  adds Michael Waclawiczek, vice president of marketing, expressor.

Beyond cost concerns, "where legacy ETL providers fall short in today's world is that their products have a longer, steeper learning curve," so that a normal developer or business analyst would never be able to get productive with without training and without a fairly lengthy ramp-up, asserts Sheng. With expressor, Sheng says, these users can easily download and become productive in a short amount of time.

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