fuseproject Partners with Functionland to Create Decentralized Cloud Storage Alternative

fuseproject, Yves Béhar’s multidisciplinary design firm, and startup Functionland are partnering to offer FxBlox, a physical hardware device that allows users to store fully encrypted data, files, and photos—tapping into secure, user-owned, decentralized storage.

FxBlox represents the first step toward Functionland’s mission of ending the “rental web” with a user-owned, decentralized cloud alternative, according to the company. It allows users to own their server, plugging into a network that doesn’t rely on big tech’s cloud services—or charge subscription fees.

Combined with Functionland’s open source data protocol, the Fula Network, FxBlox devices in a local area connect and form a mesh network allowing individuals to backup each other’s data while keeping it encrypted, ensuring it remains safe and can only be deciphered by the original owner.

“Functionland is disrupting the cloud storage paradigm with an innovative solution that brings the security of blockchain and the simplicity of SaaS into every household. It’s cooler than the cloud, and this emotion is captured in the FxBlox design—a refined hardworking device that tech-savvy users will be proud to have on display in their home,” said Fuseproject founder and CEO Yves Béhar.

Functionland partnered with fuseproject to develop FxBlox’s look and user experience from the ground up. Fuseproject designed a highly customizable, modular product—users can add storage by connecting expansion cards, adding new storage towers, or plugging in external devices.

“We’re proud to work with Fuseproject’s design team on FxBlox’s core product offerings. We want the FxBlox to be more than just a block of high-performing hardware. We want it to be an element of home design that anyone would be proud to place on their office desk or see every day in their home,” said Functionland’s founder and CEO Keyvan M. Sadeghi.

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