gen-E to Expand IT Process Automation Software Business

gen-E (formerly generationE Technologies), an IT process automation software company,  has received a private equity investment from Solis Capital Partners, enabling the company to expand its data center solutions business across new channels. The vendor's Resolve Social ITPA software, first launched in 2009, combines automation with social media-powered collaboration and knowledge management capabilities to help companies break down traditional organizational and process constraints.

"Resolve is used by businesses to maintain 24 x 7 network uptime and prevent loss of service to customers," Payal Kindiger, executive vice president of marketing and managed services for gen-E, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "The software makes use of Wiki technology to enhance collaboration and allow IT to define, build, automate, orchestrate and manage the procedures that support system and network operational processes."

Typical sites in which Resolve is deployed include network operations centers, customer care, provisioning, help desk, cloud services and other business areas," Kindiger adds. "It can be deployed atop mainframes for all of these solution areas."

The solution is based on the premise that collaborative interactions allow organizations to share expertise while increasing IT professionals' situational awareness. "We capture and document unstructured workflows and making them available via Wikis that link people, tools and other resources, thereby allowing organizational knowledge to be more easily available, produced, maintained and consumed," says Kindiger.

gen-e plans to launch a worldwide channel partner program, and seeks to make inroads into the utilities, finance and telecommunications sectors.

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