iWay Software Unveils Enterprise Information Management Solution

iWay Software, an Information Builders division and an innovator of enterprise integration solutions, has announced the immediate availability of a new iWay Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Suite. Designed to provide complete business visibility with speed and accuracy, the suite lowers the total cost of information management by addressing enterprise information needs in a single platform with reusable services.

The EIM suite is primarily comprised of four key iWay products: the Service Manager, Universal Adapter Suite, Data Quality Center (DQC), and Master Data Center (MDC). While all four products are also available as stand-alone components, they have been fully tested for interoperability and interact as a single platform for real-time and batch integration. Two of the components-the Service Manager and Universal Adapter Suite-are pre-existing products that have also been incorporated into the EIM Suite. The DQC and MDC are new products being introduced for the first time, both as standalone versions and as components of the Suite.

The Service Manager is a powerful enterprise service bus (ESB) that enables organizations to create and manager services-whether invoked as web services or through other interfaces. The Universal Adapter Suite uses industry-leading connectivity options to enable easy access to any information system.

The iWay DQC is designed not only to evaluate, monitor, and manage data quality in different information systems, but also to prevent incorrect data from entering these systems in the first place. iWay MDC enables organizations to consolidate millions of records according to easily defined business rules, making unified and validated master data instantly available to a wide range of enterprise applications, such as ERP, CRM, self-serve portals, analytical tools, data warehouses, and other internal systems.

These four components work together in the EIM Suite to provide integrated content, support for low-latency events and batch-oriented integration, ETL and change data capture, and the enablement of real-time dashboards, scoring, and analytics. "The EIM Suite can be used to address the most important trends in information management today including real-time data capture, unstructured data such as EDI and HL7, data quality and various master data management configurations," Dave Watson, chief operating officer of iWay, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

For more information about iWay and the EIM Suite, go here.