iguazio Launches the Unified Data Platform, boosting AI and Machine Learning Strategies  

iguazio, a provider of a continuous analytics and event driven-application platform, is releasing its Unified Data Platform,  simplifying data pipeline complexities and accelerating machine learning and artificial intelligence in the enterprise. The announcement was made at the 2017 Strata Data Conference in New York.

The iguazio Unified Data Platform comes with fully integrated essential applications dynamically deployed over Kubernetes, including artificial intelligence and machine learning frameworks like Spark, R and TensorFlow, visualization and a real-time serverless framework.

iguazio’s solution enables the entire continuum of analytics – including predictive and prescriptive analytics – through the ingestion and enrichment of streams, objects, files and database records. Previewed at the Strata Data Conference in New York, this platform is delivered to customers as a fully integrated appliance.

“Simple, fast and secure, iguazio boosts time to market by accelerating the data science and development process, starting from relatively small deployments and all the way to the largest scales,” said Asaf Somekh, CEO at iguazio. “Whether in financial services, telematics, IoT or cyber security, iguazio delivers the same user experience on-prem, with leading cloud providers and in hybrid solutions for the highest performance and security.”

Key features of iguazio’s Unified Data Platform include artificial intelligence and machine learning tools in a secure environment for data science and for production; advanced serverless functions to enable rapid development without sacrificing performance; compatibility with leading cloud services and standard APIs, covering both on prem and cloud deployments; exceptional column-based, fine-grained security and access control from research to production; and high availability to ensure data resilience and continuous data services, without data loss or a single point of failure.

The iguazio Unified Data Platform is available either through software licensing or as an appliance. It offers an annual subscription license per server, while appliances are priced separately.

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