insightsoftware Continues to Ease Analytics and AI App Embedding with Logi Symphony

insightsoftware, a global provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions, is debuting new capabilities that will be integrated with the Logi Symphony software suite, the flexible, purpose-built BI and analytics platform for embedding into other applications. This latest release enables Logi Symphony to easily embed self-service, end-to-end business intelligence and analytics (ABI), amplified by AI, into any web-based application.

insightsoftware’s platform is designed to ease the pains of embedding reporting and data visualization capabilities into apps for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise application teams.

Offering seamless integration, agile customization, and composability accompanied by a rich user experience empowers app teams to rapidly launch products, surface end-user data intelligence, improve customer retention and engagement, and monetize data through self-serve analytics, according to the vendor.

Not only does this ensure that any reporting is underpinned by clean, accurate, and comprehensive data, it forwards data-driven decision making through customizable dashboards, reports, and visual data discovery content from directly within applications.

“Analytics are an essential component of any modern application, but embedding this functionality is not easy. It often leads to a poor user experience that frustrates end-users and hinders their decision-making,” said Lee An Schommer, chief product officer at insightsoftware. “That’s why we created Logi Symphony, purpose-built software that empowers ISVs and application teams to embed analytics and visualizations into their application. This means organizations can ensure that their applications and users are operating at their fullest potential, driving improved operations and bottom-line impact.”

Additionally, with the rapid proliferation of AI across all sectors of business, insightsoftware aims to make embedding AI into applications easy and simple. Already offering natural language capabilities, this release further equips the Logi Symphony software suite with support for various GPT models—including GPT-4, LLaMA, Bard, and Claude—as well as support for a variety of different vector databases.

A significant component of these new capabilities is affording the user with “choice and flexibility when it comes to leveraging AI technologies…being able to augment your existing data stack in a way that gives enriched AI insights will continue to play [into] that flexibility,” said Jay Allardyce, general manager of data and analytics at insightsoftware.

The launch of Logi Symphony’s latest capabilities comes on the heels of embedded analytics solutions acquisitions by insightsoftware, centralizing innovative technology within the company’s single self-service BI solution.

In terms of what readers should be most excited for, “I think it's betting on what we've delivered and continue to deliver for our customers—and that is the outcome-based value of bringing data-driven insights to a very fast time-to-market for customers so that they have a much more sticky and engaging experience, and [also] leveraging various AI tools so that we can plug into those existing environments that enterprises may be making investments into,” explained Allardyce.

The focus of this release is also “ultimately around simplifying how customers interact with their data and augmenting the data discovery of greater insights for their end customers through these embedded technologies, faster than they're doing today,” he continued.

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