ionir Enhances its Cloud-Native Data Services Platform with Support for CI/CD Pipeline Acceleration 

ionir, a leader in Kubernetes Data Services, is updating its cloud-native data services platform with new capabilities focused on CI/CD acceleration and performance, providing extended support for optimizing DevOps pipelines.        

ionir’s platform, built from the ground up for and optimized to run in Kubernetes, provides essential data persistence, protection and mobility services that enable developers, operations and platform engineers alike to thrive in a DevOps environment. 

Building on the company’s existing offering, today’s enhancements to the ionir platform now provide the following features:
  • Updates to mobility/cloning: Users have the ability to instantly clone volumes after they have been teleported to another location, and can view the contents on a remote system, which reduces cost and helps facilitate the movement of data across clouds. 
  • Increased performance: ionir now supports a new class of volumes for high performance applications with low latency requirements. A heterogeneous install balances the ionir system on the hosting cluster in a more detailed way, which is key to efficiency and rightsizing infrastructure for each application.
  • New solution guides: A program of integrated technical guides provides validated solution architectures for common Kubernetes applications and tools such as Jenkins, MongoDB, JFrog, CircleCI, and others.


With these changes, enterprises can better take advantage of increasingly flexible cloud resources combined with DevOps, according to the vendor.

Accelerating the CI/CD pipeline speeds time to market for new applications and updates, getting applications in the hands of end users sooner.

This helps organizations not only become more competitive and responsive to changing needs, but also enables more efficient use of valuable software development and operations resources, according to the vendor.  

“Our platform is built with a microservices architecture to best serve the needs of those using Kubernetes to develop enterprise applications,” said Mike Wall, CEO, ionir. “We have already mitigated the effects of data gravity, allowing data to move at the speed of applications, and we continue to provide enhancements to our platform in anticipation of customer needs and wants.”  

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