ionir Offers Native Storage Platform for Kubernetes

ionir is expanding the availability of its Kubernetes native storage platform, eliminating complexity in Kubernetes data and storage management.

Based on a simple yet revolutionary concept, ionir gives data the same agility that Kubernetes offers applications.

Just as the internet was empowered by the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which allowed network information to be retrieved by name, ionir accesses Kubernetes data by name rather than location.

Now data can be moved in seconds to/from any cluster, anywhere in the world, or instantly accessed as it existed at any previous point in time in the past.

“When enterprises move to Kubernetes, they enjoy lower total cost of ownership, faster digital transformation, and increased competitiveness,” said Jacob Cherian, CEO, ionir. “Data gravity has long been an issue in achieving the promise of Kubernetes Everywhere, but ionir’s unique approach eliminates this complexity, making data as agile as applications. We’re excited about the market’s reaction to ionir, and look forward to introducing our platform to a wider audience as we expand further into the market.”

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