jBASE 5 Provides Major Benefits

jBASE 5 is now available. For 21 years jBASE has been offering unparalleled robustness, scalability and connectivity. The next generation of jBASE continues that trend as jBASE Release 5 brings MultiValue closer to mainstream than ever before.   jBASE 5  runs natively on 64-bit operating systems which eliminates  32-bit limitations on addressing or file sizes.   It includes many new features such as warm start recovery, resilient files, auto-resizing files, online backup, known-state computing and more and allows jBASE to operate nonstop as a technology platform. 

Additionally, jBASE's open architecture provides users with choice and is completely protected going forward. A jBASE developed application can read and write to whichever database is required for data storage.  Users are not limited to MultiValue hashed files, and can easily deploy on  Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server.  By adopting jBASE as the underlying technology, all of an application features will be retained and the architecture will be opened up for further mainstream enhancement.

For VARs, this means that customers can select the database vendor or environment to suit their own needs, based on performance, cost, support or any other factor. If their priorities change in the future, they can switch database vendor without altering their investment in the application.  Database storage can be a matter of client preference and budget and applications can be developed as multi-platform, multi-database solutions, enabling true system longevity  and giving VARs the ability to reach out to a wider market space when making proposals to end users.

The upgrade path for all jBASE 4 customers is very straightforward. Russell Bowes, technical manager at Infinet Information Management in Australia, notes that Infinet's customers have been pushing to deploy their application on modern, 64-bit systems and he began testing as a beta site in recent months. "We are extremely pleased with all our testing on the new jBASE 5.2 release," he notes. "Our application is operational and, based on the current QA results, should be deployed to our customers in the coming months. This is a major step forward for Infinet Information Management and jBASE International."

Visit jBASE's website for more information.