jBASE 5.7.4 Platform is Now Available

Zumasys is introducing jBASE 5.7.4, now including object-oriented programming, JSON support, enhanced security, and more.

Object and JSON support updates allow users to parse JSON strings into a jBASE, debug applications quicker, and enhance support application with Dynamic Objects.

Enhanced Encryption now allows users to secure the valuable data in their PICK system with 256 AES encryption and the latest OpenSSL libraries.

Massive File Support enables users to combine 64-bit operating systems, allowing files to be up to 16TB on Windows (64TB on Linux). Dynamic Files also perform up to 3 times faster.

System user profiles can now simplify a user’s system configuration and are stored as a JSON string. And jBASE profiles require zero scripting skills.

New benefits from Docker OS-level virtualization delivers software in packages in containers (production certification expected in jBASE 5.8). Docker is supported in development systems only but will be certified for production in jBASE 5.8.

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