jBase Continues to Gain Momentum with the Cloud

Zumasys recently assisted a customer in  gaining leverage in the cloud. Allied Electric Supply is a full line electric supply house based in Cobleskill, New York, that sells contractors and industrial accounts. In 2015, the company was due for a technology refresh, according to John Selkirk, president of Allied Electric Supply.

“We were on borrowed time with our hardware. Some of it was no longer covered by support, and we didn’t want to get to the point where we had no plan to get back up and running in the event of a hardware failure,” Selkirk said. “As part of the refresh, Infor advised us to migrate from SHIMS to a newer ERP system. But we were happy with SHIMS. We had spent 30 years investing in it, and we didn’t want to start over.”

The company used SHIMS (Supply House Information Management System) ERP system. In order to move to the cloud effectively, Allied Electric started with a plan to migrate its SHIMS application to jBASE in The Zumasys Cloud.

With Zumasys, Selkirk said, the SHIMS application is noticeably faster—75% faster.

“Our data now also feels much more secure. We used to back up our systems nightly. Now all of that is handled for us automatically by Zumasys. I have no worries about the security or availability of our data,” Selkirk said.

Bruce Decker, senior solutions consultant, pre-sales engineer, MultiValue practice, explained Zumasys eliminated things that were difficult for Allied Electric to manage, like servers and backups.

The support that company received from Zumasys was excellent, Selkirk said.

“The transition was well planned, it worked well, performance was great, reliability is great and they don’t have servers and backups and things like that, that they don’t have to take care of anymore,” Decker said.