jKool Unveils Open Source SaaS Platform for Spotting Patterns in Big Data

As more companies realize the potential offered by big data, the ability to gather tangible insights from data is increasingly being seen as providing competitive advantage.

Manually sifting through big data to look for information is not only difficult, it is also not efficient. The ability to find unique data patterns quickly is important to businesses looking to stay ahead of their competition. To help support companies in these efforts, jKool has announced its new software platform that is designed to spot the patterns in data that lead to actionable insights. 

jKool provides an open source software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. jKool comes with an easy to use English-like query tool called JKQL.  JKQL allows users to converse on an ad hoc basis with their data and then interact with the visuals on the dashboard. “It makes it easy to talk to your data,” said Charley Rich, vice president of product management at jKool.  “We have some very sophisticated streaming operators. These are the functions that allow the users to find the outliers and bottlenecks with the same skills that a business manager would have for using Excel.”

The market focus for jKool is the IoT, supply chains, and the healthcare industry. jKool saw a need within these industries for time-series data, including how, when and where consumers are behaving in the purchasing process, how the market is reacting, and trends over time.

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