mLogica’s Latest Acquisition Enables the Company to Offer a Comprehensive Set of Migration Tools for the Mainframe

mLogica, a global provider of database, mainframe, and application modernization services, is slated to release a  comprehensive set of tools on the market for mainframe migration to the cloud.

It’s a move made possible by their recent acquisition of Italian mainframe technology firm Reverse Paradigm, as well as several other strategic purchases of key technology players and assets earlier this year. 

With these acquisitions mLogica now offers the most complete migration tool set for both private and public sector organizations that can no longer delay updating their antiquated IT systems. The combined toolset will now be marketed as the LIBER*M Mainframe Modernization Suite.

This follows mLogica’s recent acquisition of the groundbreaking LIBER software suite from French multinational information technology firm Atos.

The LIBER tool set lets firms with outdated mainframe applications gain the flexibility, scalability and adaptability only possible in the cloud—while retaining all the stability and functionality of their existing systems.

“One the most important considerations when approaching a complex project like legacy system modernization is the impact it could have on your business’s day-to-day operations. The more moving parts, the more time-consuming, error-prone and logistically challenging it becomes,” said mLogica president and CEO Amit Okhandiar

Reverse Paradigm’s founder and president, Santino Spagnoli, who will now become mLogica’s VP of Engineering for Mainframe Modernization, feels the move points the way to the future of information technology.

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