nClouds Recognized as AWS SaaS Competent

nClouds, a provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps consulting and implementation services and an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has achieved AWS SaaS Competency status, recognizing the vendor has undergone rigorous technical validation by AWS and demonstrated expertise and proven customer success.

nClouds’ SaaS Solution Services enable customers’ SaaS solutions with intelligent automation, high availability, scalability, and enhanced security and compliance critical to their business. The designation means nClouds designs and implements complex, cloud-native, SaaS solutions on AWS infrastructure.

nClouds’ capabilities include analytics, configuration management and provisioning, identity management/user authentication and authorization, monitoring/logging/app performance management, security and networking (tenant isolation), and storage/backup and restore—all designed to optimize for cost.

“As companies have shifted to remote work and collaboration, schools come to rely on SaaS solutions for distance learning, and consumers use SaaS applications for finance, entertainment and communicating with friends and family, there has been a heightened dependence on SaaS solutions,” said Marius Ducea, Vice President, DevOps at nClouds. “With that dependence have come critical commercial requirements. Fortunately, nClouds has proven expertise in building AWS infrastructure for SaaS solutions that is highly available, secure, scalable, and cost-optimized, so it’s rewarding to earn this recognition from AWS.”

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