nOps Provides Integration with AWS Well-Architected Tool

nOps, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud management platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and an AWS Advanced Technology partner, is introducing a new API integration with the AWS Well-Architected Tool. The company introduced additional new product features that support AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews and enrich the product experience for partners and end-customers.

The AWS Well-Architected Tool helps customers review the state of their workloads and compares them to the latest AWS architectural best practices.

The tool is based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework, developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient application infrastructure.

The new nOps API integration provides a seamless experience for AWS Partners to execute these AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews.

With the new integration, nOps partners can easily share information created by nOps during an AWS Well-Architected Framework Review with the AWS Well-Architected Tool for AWS program reporting requirements.

“nOps is excited to deliver this integration with the AWS Well-Architected Tool,” said JT Giri, CEO and founder, nOps. “We’re committed to creating the best AWS Well-Architected Framework Review experience for partners and their customers. This seamless integration between nOps and the AWS Well-Architected Tool increases the quality of AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews while reducing the time needed to execute them.”

AWS recently announced its AWS Well-Architected Tool Partner Integration Program committed to helping AWS Partners that offer tools that support or enhance AWS Well-Architected. nOps is among the selected Launch Partners in the program.

nOps announced additional new features in its platform designed to expand partners’ and customers’ abilities to optimize AWS infrastructure. These include:

  • “Workloads” on nOps: Creating workloads on nOps allows partners to build a set of resources that can be used in any of the AWS Well-Architected assessments (such as AWS Well-Architected Framework Review or AWS Foundational Technical Review). Auto-discovery is nOps’ secret sauce in workloads – based on the resources added to the workload, nOps can auto-answer AWS Well-Architected assessment questions. 
  • nOps integration with Jira Cloud: Partners can use nOps to integrate with Jira Cloud and their Jira workspaces and synchronize issues in a two-way integration. For example, as partners identify high-risk issues (HRIs) in their customers’ infrastructure for remediation, they can create and update issues, add comments, and change statuses. The resources function can group a list of tickets.
  • Ability to design AWS Well-Architected Framework Review reports: Partners can use the nOps templates generator to create their AWS Well-Architected Framework Review reports for different scenarios. They can design the report layout and insert marketing or services blocks and their findings from nOps’ auto-discovery feature. They can then use those templates to export their AWS Well-Architected Framework Review reports.
  • nOps custom rules: Partners and end clients can use the nOps custom rules engine to create queries on their infrastructure and use the custom rules in different places in the product, such as dashboards, reports, and email notifications.

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