ngrok Unveils Global Server Load Balancing for Optimized App Resiliency and Performance

ngrok, the API-first Ingress-as-a-Service platform, is debuting the ngrok Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), a traffic distributor that enhances the performance and resiliency of applications without burdening ITOps. 

Distributing traffic across connected servers in multiple geographic locations, the ngrok GSLB is an innovative solution that intelligently routes client and agent traffic to the point of presence (PoP) with the lowest latency. 

It terminates TLS connections at ngrok edges closest to the client, ensuring that there are no service disruptions. In the event that a PoP is unavailable, the ngrok GSLB deploys geo-aware load balancing, paired with failover capabilities, to ultimately reroute the traffic to another functional PoP. When any new locations are added, they are instantly available across the ngrok Global Network. 

Unlike traditional, appliance-based GSLBs, ngrok’s GSLB does not incur challenges in deployment or ongoing maintenance. It is an out-of-the-box hosted solution that is active by default, thereby eliminating any additional configuration on behalf of its user.

“The launch of ngrok Global Server Load Balancing sets a new standard for application performance and resilience,” said Alan Shreve, founder and CEO of ngrok. “The ngrok GSLB reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that simplify complex networking challenges and improve application delivery across every stage of the development life cycle, from dev and test to production environments.”

With the launch of ngrok’s GSLB, this means that ITOps teams can use ngrok for all of their GSLB, firewall, and reverse proxy needs—ultimately reducing tool sprawl. 

Additionally, ngrok GSLB does not require its users to generate a demilitarized zone (DMZ) for application security. Since ngrok enforces security policies at the edge, unauthorized requests are blocked instantaneously, with only valid requests sent to services. 

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