ngrok’s API Solution Centers Developer Control, Ease of Use, and Price Scaling

ngrok, the secure unified ingress platform for developers, is debuting its next-generation API gateway solution which takes a developer-centric approach to API delivery. Offering advanced capabilities such as JWT authentication and authorization, global rate limiting, and an agile traffic policy engine, ngrok’s API gateway-as-a-service is now available in early access.

ngrok’s latest API innovation addresses a myriad of API challenges that burden developers and operations teams alike. While modern software development practices have demanded more responsibility on behalf of developers and their APIs, delays between developers and operations teams create lost revenue, broken contracts, misconfigured API gateways, and more. Even maintaining traditional API gateways comes with high fixed costs and a significant operational burden.

With API gateway-as-a-service, ngrok puts API delivery directly in the developer’s control, integrating ingress directly into applications for faster delivery and reduced risk. This allows developers to:

  • Establish secure API connectivity with a single command or line of code
  • Reduce dependence on operations teams for production deployment while adhering to enterprise governance and security policies
  • Ensure that API requests carry all of the required parameters expected by the API
  • Mitigate downtime, performance issues, and unauthorized access due to misconfigured API gateways

Additionally, ngrok’s API gateway-as-a-service combines the powers of both deployable and cloud-based gateways, delivering environment independence and rich features as well as simplicity in usage and a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The API solution:

  • Eradicates operational complexity associated with deployment, configuration, and maintenance of multiple gateways
  • Delivers a powerful traffic policy engine that allows users to impact the shape and control of traffic flow
  • Offers multi-cloud support without the need for environment-specific configurations
  • Empowers pay-as-you-go scalability where users only pay for what they use and drives seamless transition between development and production deployments

“ngrok’s API gateway-as-a-service represents a major milestone that effectively bridges the gap between deployable and cloud-based solutions,” said Alan Shreve, founder and CEO of ngrok. “ngrok offers the best of both worlds—the robust set of advanced capabilities and environment independence of deployable gateways, combined with the simplicity and scalability of cloud-based solutions. In addition, ngrok’s API gateway-as-a-service frees developers from operational hurdles, accelerating release velocity and innovation.”

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