nlyte Software Adds Enterprise Project Lifecycle Management Capabilities

nlyte Software, a data center infrastructure management solution (DCIM) provider, today launched what it calls the first DCIM solution to provide large-scale data center project lifecycle management.  The new release, nlyte 6.2, is a DCIM project lifecycle management designed to help customers auto-allocate assets, create what-if models for data center projects, automatically convert those models into actionable project plans with associated work orders, and predict the impact those projects have on the availability of power, space, cooling and connectivity.

"DCIM needs to become simpler to adopt and use," says Jon Temple, president and CEO of nlyte. "In August of this year, we introduced an entry level solution, nlyte Express Edition that makes it easy for companies to get started quickly with DCIM. DCIM project lifecycle management makes it easy for customers interested in enterprise class capabilities to move rapidly up the DCIM maturity curve and take advantage of advanced features that more effectively optimize the user of power, cooling and space."

Each model can support moves for hundreds of assets tracked through Gantt charts to an on-time project completion. nlyte DCIM project lifecycle management is intended to make it easier to simulate and manage large scale moves, adds and changes, technology refreshes, migrations, consolidations and other complex data center projects, the vendor says.

Additional capabilities available in the nlyte 6.2 release include expanded browser support for Safari on the Mac, ongoing support for French and enhanced cable visualization. The cable visualization features allow users to selectively show one or many levels of connectivity so they can rapidly navigate even the largest networks to trace connections and identify potential redundancy issues at a glance.

More details are at the nlyte website.